Do Audi's TV Commercials Make You Cringe?

It's not my intention to go on a full on rant and take the stance that Audi doesn't know how to sell cars. Inherently, we don't believe it to be true. For the most part, the company is healthy with a realitvely solid product line. However, as their competition (BMW) has held true to "The Ultimate Driving" machine for all these years in their advertising, as you look at Audi's current advertising - it makes you wonder if the brand is lost. What is Audi all about these days? What are they really trying to say or be? You be the judge... Trophies Were not really sure what's up here, but were you moved? We weren't either. Spring Cleaning There's nothing cool happening in this ad. The road should be cleaned and readied for their new car? How about showing us why the A7 is actually fit for the roads we have? This is cheesy. Alien The basic premise is that dad's car here is so high tech that he might be an alien. Um, ok. Parents Your new Audi is so good that your parents might take it?  Wait, what? Chirp This is probably the most interesting of all them, but that's not saying much. Chirping Audis? Tell us what you think below in comments. And you can click here to see more on their YouTube page.