Video: Subaru Japan Gets Emotional In Their New BRZ Ad Campaign

Subaru has been long known for making the human-car relationship a bit more personal through a clever strategy of heartwarming, cutesy commercials. Each displays the vehicle as an extension of the driver leaving a lifelong impression. This ideal that Subaru has presented in the past, and is one of the truly better ad campaigns out there. And while Scion has reveled at the opportunity to portray their Scion FR-S as a badass road-eating sports car, Subaru of Japan took a bit of a different route in the portrayal of their all new BRZ sports car. While it is, in fact, a badass road-munching sportscar, for some, the sportscar and the Subaru nameplate go a bit deeper than hair gel and testosterone. It runs in the family. And while we don't want to ruin it for you, this BRZ ad from Japan gives us car people the warm fuzzies.