Minnesota, South Dakota Pounded by Heavy Snowfall; Over 600 Crashes Reported

On the edge of the Canadian American border, our friends in states like Minnesota, Wisconson and South Dakota are experiencing over a foot of snowfall leading to treacherous road conditions. SInce early Monday, Misnnesota State Patrol reported that more than 600 drivers were involved in crashes, including over 1,140 spinouts and 63 reported injuries. States like Wisconsin and South Dakota are also bearing the brunt of the storm, dumping over a foot of snowfall into the area and leaving many drivers unable to manage. Around 150 flights throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were cancelled Sunday due to the storm, and a number of school districts in the three states cancelled or delayed classes until later in the day yesterday. And for those of you in the NW or elsewhere plagued by winter driving conditions, here's six ways you can prepare your vehicle. Source: Fox News Image Credit: Lehigh Valley Live