Video: Batman's Lego Tumbler is as Cool as it Sounds

Anyone gearhead familiar with the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman Trilogy remembers one thing above all else: the Tumbler. Batman’s military-grade experimental transportation stole scenes as much as the excellent cast. So how cool would it be to have your own Tumbler? I know if I was Christian Bale, I’d quit acting and drive it all day, every day. But, what about those of us who aren’t the Batman himself? Thankfully, there is an answer: Legos. A fully operational remote control Tumbler made of Legos, all black of course, would fit in any kids collection, and I’m sure Dad wouldn’t mind having a go at it. With independent front suspension, four wheels out back in a dually-like setup on a live rear axle and remote launching rockets out the front end, this thing is scary accurate, and I love every bit of it. Written by Brad T. Source: YouTube