Video: Shit E36 Owners Say

A close friend of ours does actually own an E36, the M3, so of course we showed him this video. According to him, the most accurate depiction of any E36 owner in this video by far is, “Should I put this in my diff?” BMW has been making great cars for over 80 years, and the most popular has always been the 3 series– with good reason. The 3 is everything Bavarian Motor Works has to offer: speed, handling, technology all wrapped in a value-minded, great looking body. One of the most hallowed examples of BMW greatness was the E36, and while its success in racing was overwhelming, the street version had more than a few problems, as this video clearly shows us. “The power steering line’s leaking”, “Damn oil pump nut”, the infamous shock tower knock; all these are familiar to anyone who has ever owned an E36. Why? Because, racecar. Written by Brad T.