Apple iPhone Maps Leaves Drivers Stranded in Australian Outback

…yeah, how's that for a headline? According to Victoria Police (Australia), Apple's new iOS 6 mapping system is leaving drivers stranded near the center of Murray-Sunset National Park in Victoria, Australia, after reportedly mapping out the city of Mildura. After a quick mapping by police, officials say the iOS 6 system led iphone-rs nearly 70 KM (43 miles) away from their desired location...oops. Even worse, some drivers were stuck in the centermost part of the park for nearly 24 hours with no food or water and in excess of 114 degrees...even more oops. While we've heard of some serious issues with iOS 6 before, a death trap in the Australian outback complete with deadly heat and venomous reptiles might be the worst thing ever. Save us Will Smith! Source: Victoria Police