Chevy El Camino: Rising From the Ashes

Like the Phoenix, previous Pontiac models are rumored to rise from the ashes bearing the Chevy nameplate in the near future. Fear not, the Aztek is staying dead and hopefully won’t even see life as a recycled toaster. It’s names like the GTO-turn-G8 that will come back as the Chevy SS and (are you sitting down?)…the El Camino. These rebirths are made possible by the fact that Australia’s car market isn’t looking to hot right now, so, Vauxhall is looking to expand to North America. Down under, they’re branded as the VXR8 and Maloo, though the GTO/G8 did make it to production, Pontiac was axed before the Maloo equivalent Pontiac Sport Truck could see production. But it appears that GM has passed the responsibility on to Chevy with the SS and in August it was reported that GM renewed the El Camino trademark. PHOTOS: See more of the Chevrolet El Camino Because the El Camino is going after such a niche market though, it’s going to have to stand out and not trust the name will carry it alone. Following an act like the Chevy SSR -which was clearly styled by Homer Simpson fan- styling should be sharp. Although, the powerplant is what’s really going to sell the new El Camino (winky face). In the real world where MPGs and emissions are scrutinized, car companies are demanded to conform to going green (I’ve read to 2015 Mustang might get an EcoBoost engine. I know, it makes me sick too), so, I wouldn’t be surprised if the El Camino will be force fed a Volt hybrid engine. What the El Camino needs to succeed though, is the same heart as the Camaro, that way there’s room for that wonderful ZL1 engine. That’s the real world though, and I want to see the full-fledged Corvette engine bolted up front. And with no weight to speak of over the rear wheels, hilarious amounts of tire smoke would pour out even if you think in the direction of the go-pedal. The El Camino needs to be good ol’ fashioned fun. Give us our over powered redneck-mobile back, Chevy.