Dear Motor Trend: Good Job!!!

We recently put out a casting call of sorts for new writers and got a lot of terrific applicants. One in particular used a letter that he sent to Motor Trend as his writing example. We though it was good enough to post on its own, as proof that every "Car of the Year" award is not met with criticism. This is what our newest contributor, Bradley Trent, had to say about the new Tesla Model S:
"I can only imagine the hate mail you must be getting over your COTY pick, the 2013 Tesla Model S, but I’ve only got one thing to say to you – congratulations. You picked what most people would’ve called an 8th grade science experiment over what those same people would probably call the greatest all-around car on the planet, the BMW M5. I wouldn’t have it any other way. America is being crushed by the politics of oil, both foreign and domestic, and no one seems to give a shit. People are fine with spending a huge chunk of their paycheck filling up their 7 passenger SUV just to get themselves to work and back, all in the name of status. Sure, trucks and SUVs have their place, don’t get me wrong – trying to tow my uncles 25 ft. boat with my 1993 Mercury wagon wouldn’t end well. But why can’t we as a people shift from the mindset of “bigger is better” to “why do I need to drive the Titanic to the supermarket?” There needs to be a cultural shift, a fundamental change in the thinking of all Americans, to accommodate for the inevitable lack of oil we will be facing, possibly in my lifetime. I’m not saying that battery power is the only solution; batteries are still heavy and still relatively expensive, but there’s so many other possibilities. The 2008 Honda Insight ran on hydrogen, and while still in its testing stage, Honda has not reported a single fatality related to hydrogen gas nor a systems failure due to the powertrain. Also, numerous companies around the globe have made leaps and bounds in solar technology, making the idea of a stationary battery pack instead of having one on the car more viable. The 2011 COTY winner, the Chevrolet Volt, was a good start, with some of the most promising range-extending mechanics money can buy. But it was still too heavy, too expensive, and ultimately, still required gasoline to drive more than 30 miles. The Tesla Model S, though, takes a different perspective. Elon Musk and the folks at Tesla started with making a great car, but required it run on electricity, not the other way around. They put the car first, and got results like the largest, most intuitive touch-screen console system in the world, some of the highest quality interior materials not just in its class, but stands up to Rolls-Royce’s standards, and such innovations as optional rearward-facing rear seats in a class-topped hatchback-esque roofline, making for one of the roomiest cars of its size. The Tesla Model S is not just a celebration of technology – it’s a celebration of American ingenuity, proving to the world that we have what it takes to continue to be the leader in both automotive manufacturing and alternative power production. I simply can’t say it enough: Bravo Tesla, and bravo Motor Trend."
No Bradley, bravo to you. Bravo.