Carbeque Equals Smokehouse Goodness on Wheels

This should come as a shock to absolutely no one, but Australia takes their "Mad Max" fandom seriously. It's an amazing cult film series, and perhaps Australia's most well-known export. (Sorry, Paul Hogan). Merrick Watts is apparently one of those individuals that genuflects every time someone says "The Road Warrior" but he has another love: barbecue. According to HuffPo, Watts spent more than $156,000 of his radio show's marketing budget to give a 1973 Ford Landau Coupe (the same model car from the movies) the "Mad Max" treatment, and a little something extra. That first part is simple: paint the whole thing primer black and give it more power than a Kangaroo's left hook. Step two was a little different from most "Mad Max" homage cars: Watts had a fully functional gas grill installed in the trunk. Apparently, you can just pull off the road, open the trunk and throw as many as "nine [10.5 ounce] T-Bone steaks at one time." That's 35 pounds of steak in one hour. Sweet sirloin! While the only thing memorable about the Outback Steakhouse is the the first bathroom trip after a bloomin' onion and a pint of Fosters, the "Carbeque" provides a meal you will never soon forget.