Watch These Formula Pros in a Good Old Fashion Game of "DRIFT"

Professional drift-bro Ryan Tuerck has had a pretty successful career going sideways. Taking home two wins in the Formula D series and wining Driver of the Year honors in 2008–all before age 27. But all that is sort of boring. What is cool though, is that Tuerck now has his own YouTube drift show, which highlights all the aspects of the art of drifting, matted to all sorts of radical sideways-having hoon-ery. Very sweet. In this episode, him and fellow drift star Chris Forsberg, take the good ol' fashion game of "HORSE," give it a "DRIFT" moniker and crash into some barrels filled with water, naturally. Take a look at this video and realize how skilled these gents are versus how much trouble you still have parallel parking. It will give you pause, and respect for the motorsport of drifting.