I think it's safe to say, the 80s was a strange period in time for most of us. Questionable fashion trends, the Rubiks Cube and most importantly, the first and second installment of the Back to the Future franchise. For many the most memorable star was the DeLorean DMC-12. It's never a surprise then, when the DMC-12 is the victim of many pun-inducing creative decision choices; most recently, this DeLoren dressed up as a NYC cabbie in concept form.

Great Scott! DeLorean Taxi Brings Us Back to 1985

Imagined by New York-based fashion company Nooka, in order to promote their new line of wristwatches, the DMC-turned-yellow-cab is a car with movie star aspirations. Nooka says it's a creation that it likes to say, promotes "futuristic philosophy." I wish it would take me back in time to when all these stupid puns didn't exist. PHOTOS: See more of the 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 Taxi Source: Mike Lubrano