Is This the New Ferrari F70?

Headlining one of the most anticipated reveals in recent history, the all-new Ferrari F70 (a.k.a. Enzo Successor) is set to take center stage either in Detroit or Frankfurt early next year. But it goes without saying, that everyone is trying to get their grubby little mitts on some early images of the multi-million dollar Italian hypercar before that date. This photo, taken somewhere presenting something, looks to be legit, but no details are given as to the identity of the misshapen image, so we're not exactly sure. What we do know is, the F70 will ride on an all-new chassis from the previous generation, complete with four different types of carbon fiber making it much lighter than the previous Enzo. Power is expected to come from a hybrid powertrain, coupled to a mid-mounted V12 and an F1-inspired KERS retentive breaking system. Total output is expect over 900-hp. Source: Ferrari F70 Facebook