Kate Middleton, Your Gaudy McLaren Chariot Awaits

If you were looking for something obnoxiously British, here it is. Apparently, someone actually went through the trouble of paying to get this McLaren MP4-12C wrapped in a "London Style" panoramic photo theming complete with Big Ben, the House of Commons and the royal coat of arms…no breasts in sight, unfortunately. What makes this even more obnoxious, the owner of said McLaren decided the whole wrap job would be done in order to parade his queen-loving self around Europe in an 1,800-mile journey from Germany to Austria to Switzerland and back. God save Kate Middleton! Hopefully he at least stopped for some tea and crumpets, or some other British stereotype. Pip pip cheerio. PHOTOS: See more of the 2012 McLaren MP4-12C 'London Style'