Deer: Improperly Crossing Roads, Shipping Jobs Overseas, Raising Taxes

According to a scientist, a male deer (or buck) can grow to as large as 700 pounds. Which is no chihuahua. Impaling one of these furry and fuzzy creatures with the front of your car would cause serious damage. Thankfully, there are some in the world who want to assure that Bambi and our vehicles are left to their own devices; this woman, who wants to stop improper crossing of deer once and for all. Go Donna! She claims to have been the victim to these reckless deer crossings over three times, and hopes the government will take notice and do all the need to do to ensure the proper crossing of deer. Maybe they should create a walkway overhead for all the deer, or, give the deer licenses so that we no longer even need the signs; so many options. So, government, rather than fixing the economy, health care and the job market, just know, these damn deer may be only improperly crossing roads now, but soon they'll be exposing our children to drugs, waging war on a foreign nation and raising taxes on the middle class. And no one wants that.