The Ferrari 812 Superfast will retain the V12, and our spies uncover the 2024 Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer and 2024 AMG GT 55 Coupe.

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Ferrari Sticking To Naturally Aspirated V12 Engine

All of Ferrari's models currently on sale have either a V6 or a V8 engine. However, the demise of the 812 Superfast did not mark the end of the road for the V12 since the powerhouse will continue. Although the LaFerrari replacement is widely believed to drop the twelve-cylinder monster when it debuts next year, the 812 replacement will retain the 6.5-liter unit.

That's despite the fact Ferrari head of design Flavio Manzoni told Autocar "a V8 turbo could make it better in terms of performance." He went on to admit a V12 is "not the most efficient" powertrain but the Prancing Horse must "fight for this engine" and keep it around for as long as possible.

The 812 successor could have even more than the 830 horsepower found in the Competizione and Competizione A. Back in May 2021, Ferrari's technical boss Michael Leiters promised an even stronger V12: "We're working on that." The new supercar is expected to come out in 2024 considering prototypes have recently been spotted carrying the full production body. Hopefully, it'll stay naturally aspirated rather than going down the forced induction route.

2024 Mercedes-AMG GT 55 Coupe and Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer Spied With Minimal Camouflage

New spy images all but reveal two future models, both of which have already been officially announced. We're talking about the AMG GT 55 Coupe and the Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer. We haven't seen the former at all while the latter has only been previewed with camouflaged prototypes.

You can tell the AMG performance car looks slightly different than the GT 63 Coupe by having four round exhaust tips and a retractable spoiler. At the front, it has a redesigned bumper with different air intakes and what looks like a less aggressive grille. The front fenders do away with the boomerang-shaped elements of the hotter derivative to make room for some chrome trim.

The AMG GT 55 Coupe will also have a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 but with 469 horsepower and 516 pound-feet instead of 577 hp and 590 lb-ft. It'll need 3.8 seconds to hit 60 mph or 0.7s more than the AMG GT 63 Coupe. Top speed will be electronically capped at 183 mph instead of 196 mph.

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer spy photos

The VW ID.7 Tourer doesn't seem to have any disguise unless there’s some deceiving body-colored tape on its long-roof body. It’s the wagon variant of the ID.7 sedan (well, it's a hatchback) with a low drag coefficient of 0.24. The electric estate promises to offer 545 liters (19.2 cubic feet) behind the rear seats or 1,714 liters (60.5 cubic feet) after folding them. You'll be able to squeeze in items nearly two meters (78.7 inches) long.

The VW ID.7 Tourer will initially go on sale in Europe next year. It'll be assembled at the at the Emden plant in Germany together with the regular model and the ID.4.

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