Winner of $588 Million Powerball Lotto Wants "A Red Camaro"

There's no telling the amount of ungodly vehicles I would purchase after winning the $588 million Powerball this past week, but then again, I didn't win the $588 million Powerball this past week, in fact, I wasn't even close. Someone did win though, a 52-year old (former) mechanic from Missouri, and what does he want? "A red Camaro." The Hillshire Farms mechanic and wife bought the ticket at the only gas station in their local town of just 500 and say that along with a red Camaro, they'll be looking to get their adopted daughter from China a pony. While I wouldn't say that the Camaro is anywhere near the top of my list of ridiculously priced impractical gas guzzling women getting lotto dream cars, more power to him. Let's just hope he brings home a classic. Source: WGN News