Infiniti and Red Bull Planning "Performance Cars"

For what's been quite the while, Red Bull and Infiniti have had a "more than friends" type relationship in the Formula 1 racing series. So much so in fact, that the team was completely renamed Infiniti Red Bull Racing, just because. And while Infiniti has dabbled in the possibility of an F1 inspired road-going performance model with the flop of a Sebastian Vettel Infiniti FX before, now, they could be turning to cocaine energy drink mega business Red Bull for help. Talking to people wearing khaki pants at the 2012 LA Auto Show, an Infiniti spokesperson said that "there is definitely an opportunity for a co-developed car with Infiniti and Red Bull in the future." Infiniti gave no details on the project, but it is a sobering reminder that Red Bull has the know-how and the greenbacks to make anything possible; they dropped a man from space for christsake! Source: