Rare Aristotle Onassis Lamborghini Miura S Up For Auction in London

For all you shipping/oil buffs, here’s your dream car. While most of you may be unfamiliar with the name Aristotle Onassis, this prominent Greek shipping magnate was, in lay terms, a badass dude who moved tons of boats and made tons of money. His most prominent deals coming from Mobil, Socony and Texaco, who used his boats for shipping their massive amounts of oil. And like any Greek shipping magnate (I guess), Onassis had a taste for all things Italian. And during the mid-60s, his vehicle of choice was none other than this rare Lamborghini Miura. One of only 140 models ever produced. Onasiss, though, had a taste for questionable Greek music, so much so in fact, that he gave this very rare (and expensive, mind you) Lamborghini to his favorite Greek pop musician Stamatis Kokotas, before it lye dormant in a Greek warehouse for a number of years. Rescued from an impending death, this semi-famous Lamborghini Miura S will be headed to the auction block in London next week on December 4th for a cost of £370,000 at COYS "True Greats" Christmas Auction. The perfect gift under the tree for the Greek shipping and pop music fan in your family, obviously.