Top Gear Boys Preview Worst Car in the World Special

As car people, trying to distinguish amongst the best/worst cars in the world is about as easy as splitting an atom. The reason for that is there’s so many good cars, and, just as many (if not more) very, very bad ones. So, if anyone in our automotive community were to attempt to distinguish the worse from the worser, it would take time, money and enough arrogance to reek of week old body parts. Enter, Top Gear. That’s right, James May and Jeremy Clarkson (Hamster: MIA), together have put together a special edition DVD highlighting the worst cars (wait for it)…IN THE WORLD! In this preview we get to see just some of the cars put through the bearings. Some -ranging from a host of Jeeps, Saabs and the Lexus SC 430- are much deserved. Others -such as the Ferrari 458 and Ford GT- are just a few wild horse picks in the competition. While we’re not sure who takes home the title “Worst Car in the History of the World,” we do expect this Top Gear special to be filled with more explosions, smashes and the use of the phrase “IN THE WORLD,” than you can shake a stick at.