Aston Martin to be Acquired by Former Ducati Owner

It has been swirling in the rumor stew for some time that British luxury automaker Aston Martin had been searching for someone to take the reigns and thrust them into the future. It wasn’t until yesterday, though, that we learned former owner of Ducati motorcycles Investindustrial will take over a 50% stake of the automaker at a cost of £750 million ($1.2 billion). According to reports, in a final bidding war with Indian automaker Mahindra and Mahindra, Investindustrial will manage to take the 50% stake, but at a higher cost. While details are still slim, reports indicate that, thanks to a close-knit relationship with Investindustrial and Mercedes-Benz, the German automaker could also provide engines, gearboxes and other technical expertise, although not confirmed. As official statements by Aston Martin and Investindustrial will be released in the upcoming days, more details will be given. Source: Private Equity News