Watch Jeremy Clarkson Fall in Love with the Toyota GT86

The Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ (take your pick) is arguably one of the most sought after cars in recent history. And for very very good reason. It’s light, nimble, handsome and an all around grin-enducing experience behind the wheel. But what does Top Gears own Jeremy Clarkson and co. think of the Toyobaru? Well to quote JC, “One of the best cars I have driven in ages.” Nice. After a spin around some race track, it’s easy to see that he seems to be growing fond of the sporty Jap, even at 20mph he manages to slide it sideways like an unruly teenager. And while he does knock a bit on looks and power, overall, he says that the GT86 was a car, “built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.” Not a bad in the out on the track then for the old girl, and the car.