Drink Coca-Cola Energy Drink, Drive F1 Car, Piss Fire

Worldwide, everyone knows Coca-Cola for being, well, Coca-Cola; a signature staple soda since 1886. But most people would also remember Coca-Cola for the new product fiasco’s that were New Coke and Coca-Cola Blak (yeah, you remember). And now, it looks like the company is going for that whole “third time’s a charm,” deal with their new Burn energy drink. So confident in their new product, they’ve partnered with Lotus in next years F1 season. After a long period of speculation, Lotus announced today that Coca-Cola will indeed be placing their new Burn energy drink logo onto 2013 Lotus cars. Looking to chase down monopoly energy drink maker Red Bull, Coca-Cola is hoping that an F1 partnership could secure a wider fan base. While we’re not sure how Lotus will fare next season, let’s just hope it doesn’t resemble anything similar to Coke’s latest Burn ad campaign. Ew.