Is Jerry Seinfeld's Car Show Still a Thing?

Apparently, yes. Granted, we had to search around. If we're being honest, we sort of forgot if it was anymore. In fact, they've done ten episodes of the rather forgettable show. In general, its a good idea, good writing/comedians, living real life. But for those of you who don’t know the show (or god forbid Jerry Seinfeld, you pagans), let’s backtrack. Jerry Seinfeld is a former comedian-turned-writer turned actor/tv sitcom genius-turned auto nut. And if none of that rings any sort of bell, search “Seinfeld” anything on Google and watch a few minutes. Please. Right now. So, after all was said and done, and the genius Seinfeld series was no longer a big deal, everyone went back to watching reruns mostly of the soup Nazi and/or the parking garage (pretty much my two favorite episodes) while Jerry gloated in being hilarous well out of the limelight. But word was earlier this year that Jerry Seinfeld was coming back to TV. While that news alone was enough to leave me glued to my television for hours at a time, news was it was going to be a show based on classic cars. Holy moly, slap my grandma and call me something. It sounded like heaven on a flat screen. But as rumors of the show gained a bit of steam, the show itself began to fall flatter than a French pancake; the title, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee just sucks, and after watching a pilot episode with the equally as funny Larry David and a VW Beetle, I soon decided I had no urge to watch it again; it was just sort of OK. Is it terrible? Not completely. With comedians like Michael Richards and Ricky Gervais chiming in every now and then, they tend to land a few jokes here and there while Jerry shows off too many old VW's and reminisce on when he was a lot funnier. But if you have some time and your not too busy watching paint dry or sponging down an old woman, it might be worth a watch.