Justin Bieber Stops His Ferrari 458 to Bitch Out Photographer

Justin Bieber, or “The Biebs,” as I like to call him, has grown quite the reputation amongst girls ranging in the ages of 11-17, along with a not-so-lovable-one amongst most dudes. Love him or hate him, he’s rich, thus, he can afford rich people things like a chromed out Fisker Karma or this questionable white on white Ferrari 458 Italia. But what The Biebs lacks in taste for automotive detailing, he sure as hell doesn’t make up for in ignoring the photogs- which you can see here. http://youtu.be/aBwCVeoLiBg After speeding off in his Italia (like anyone would) the paparazzi catches up with him at a red light and decides it’s a good idea to criticize Bieber on his driving. Not so smart, guy. As The Biebs (I like calling him that) remains mostly cool and collective, he does have some choice words for the not-so-nice person to his right. Good work Biebs.