LA Auto Show: XFR-S Will Be Fastest Jag Saloon Ever Produced

Although the highly anticipated F-Type has already graced the inside of our eyelids via Paris, it’s yet to jump ship and find itself at the whim of our greasy little paws. So, next month, it will be making it’s North American debut at the LA Auto Show. But that’s not really the big news, the unveiling everyone (including us) is really excited for is a big bad XFR-S saloon car- what Jag is calling, “the fastest and most powerful saloon Jag has ever produced.” Spicy. PHOTOS: See more of the Jaguar XFR The XF in itself is a big, luxurious and aging representation of Jag saloons of past. It’s good looking, expensive and completely ridiculous, but in order for Jag to draw attention away from the smaller, more nimble XK, the introduction of what we assume to be a big V8 -building off the current 510-hp XFR- should inject a healthy dose of fear and interest into perspective buyers. Expect the XFR-S in the flesh at this years 2012 LA Auto Show when doors open Nov. 28th.