Mustached Supercars Romp About London in Honor of Movember

Most men would know that November (or, MO-vember) is one of the few months out of the year that going unshaven is completely acceptable. Whether you decide upon the full grow-and-go look, a cleanly shaven chinstrap or the fan favorite- finely tuned moustache. Either way you can’t go wrong. And while most women can’t stand the site of these bold and beautiful men, we love it, and we love that it supports a general well-being of men all around. So, when a few of the more well-off manly men get together, supercars in hand, what better way to promote Movember than an ode to the ‘stache via the grille of said desired vehicle, of course. Audi R8’s, Bimmers, Z Cars; all were in for a little romp around London sporting their latest facial dews. Source: Shmee150/YouTube