Porsche 911 Rally Car Catching Some Serious Air

More often than not, overly-pompous Porsche drivers tout their 911 around town wistfully as if it were a newborn baby covered in precious metals. But listen up, rich assholes, the Porsche 911 is meant to be driven; grabbed by the scruff of the neck and wrestled into submission like a wild bear. This guy here serves as exhibit A for my case... http://youtu.be/AkPB-PjI7jQ On scene at the Viking rally in Germany earlier this year, a spectator caught a rare glimpse of an airborne 911 taking the crest like a champ. Did he win? Did he lose? Who cares, what matters is this dude knows how treat a 911, give it something dirty to wear and tell it who’s boss. And for that, we thank you.