Ford Fusion Flies 90 Feet into a Bunch of Cardboard Boxes

Like any new vehicle to hit the shores of the Atlantic, the Ford Fusion has been put through a pretty rigorous advertising campaign. Initially with magic, and now, jumping General Lee style off a ramp and into some boxes. The TV ad itself, shows the all-new Fusion purposely driven off the road, over a cliff and what we assume to be a straight drop a few hundred feet to the drivers death (although, they don’t show that part). But behind the scenes, rather than pull off some fancy CGI stuntwork, Ford thrust their Fusion over a ramp at over 52 mph, soaring through the air 90-feet before landing safely onto some 2,000 carboard boxes. This 30-second TV spot took the Ford crew over two days to master and countless hours of prepping and safety work. Totally worth it. Hit the link below to see the official new 30-second TV spot.