Sibling Rivalry- Audi Says VW Golf "Doesn't Compete" With A3

Well, this Thanksgiving is going to be a bit awkward around the VW dinner table, especially after Audi recently said that the all-new Golf is no competition to more athletic, smarter, and generally well-heeled, 2013 A3. In a recent interview with, Audi spokesperson Shaun Cleary said that Audi, “doesn’t compete with Volkswagen any more than we would compete with Mazda or Toyota or any volume brands.” And, boom goes the dynamite. Considering Audi and VW (along with everyone else) do tend to share similar technologies, it’s a bit of a not-so-nice thing for those cocky German bastards to be saying. That said, the A3 is a bit pricier and more well equipped than the more affordable Golf, so, we can see where Audi officials are coming from. And besides, we like us a of stir controversy in the old VW pot. PHOTOS: See more of the 2013 Audi A3 Source: