Top Gear Boys Arrive Stateside with LFA, Vanquish and Viper

Unfortunately for fans of the show, the all new BBC Top Gear won’t be back on the air until sometime in 2013. But good news is, we now know one of these episodes will be filmed right here in the good ‘ol US of A with a Lexus LFA, Aston Martin Vanquish (?) and SRT Viper. We are stoked. According to the Tweeter, Jeremy Clarkson says, “We will be in many places in America. That’s the beauty of cars you see; they move about.” Their main flight stopping off in Vegas before what seems like a cross country/Mexican road trip in three supercars. As BBC keeps most of the details slim about their American adventure, a few-thousand mile roadtrip in some of the most potent supercars on the market should make for some blimey good television. Source: Jeremy Clarkson via Twitter