Fights, Wrecks and Beer- Another Weekend in NASCAR

Ah, NASCAR; the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing  estranged cousin to Formula 1. While here in ‘Merica NASCAR is the largest spectator sport to date, we can’t help but question if it has anything to do with crashes and fighting pit crews. Spoiler: Most likely. If  your reasons for watching NASCAR are as impure as ours, you should have enjoyed this past weekends race at Phoenix International Raceway. Fights, beer and wrecks a-la-mode. As top championship points narrow in ever so closely, drivers tend to be a bit fueled up (pun intended) going into the second to last race of the season hoping to come out of turn four with a “W.” Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon especially. With only seven laps to go in a crucial points race, Clint Bowyer managed to run hard into Jeff Gordon, resulting in a cut tire for the No.24 car and a hugely disappointing finish. Before finding his way off the track, Gordon intentionally wrecked Bowyer (who was in third place in the points hunt) completely out of the race and out of championship contention. That, my good sir, is when shit officially hit the fan. This led to an all-out brawl between both pit crews, Clint Bowyer angrily fueled by (presumably) Five-Hour Energy and the most awesome NASCAR pit crew fight in recent memory. At the end of it all, both teams were docked points and given hefty fines, which, led to neither of them having a productive season. This did not stop me from watching it several times- beer in hand. So, thank you NASCAR.