Husbands; Don't Buy A Toyota GT86 Without Your Wife's Permission

Since I first got behind the wheel, I’ve been absolutely smitten by the Scion FR-S (Toyota GT86); and if this is the first time you’re hearing this, welcome to Bold Ride. But what truly made the FR-S, wasn’t practicality or efficiency or durability -the things most closely associated with Toyota- it was more the ability to drive recklessly. You know, power sliding out of a corner with a grin from ear to ear with a new female passenger in the seat next to you every other weekend. Raw, sexy, sportscar awesomeness. So what makes damn near every man enthralled by the stunning sports car, makes every bitter wife absolutely disgusted by it. In this two-minute promotional bit, created by advertising agency Happiness Brussels, the main story line pits the Toyota GT86 and clueless husbands against angry, sports car hating wives. What ensues is the repercussions of every mans bad decision…and then some dude with a ponytail gets naked; it’s weird. PHOTOS: See more of the Toyota GT86