Porsche Unveiling "New Compact Sports Car" In LA

The folks over at Porsche are quite busy at the moment. With the 918 soaking up the limelight like an over-indulgent sponge, the Panamera Sport Turismo making me uncomfortably aroused and a sub-Cayenne (Macan) SUV in the works for the casual Porsche-er, this might seem like enough work to keep the average man occupied for the while. But at Porsche, fuehrer ist nicht freuen (boss man is not pleased)! Yet another, “new compact sports car,” is set to make a debut at the 2012 LA Auto Show. While Porsche is continuing to hog all the details for themselves, we expect it is the new Cayman, or perhaps a sub-Cayman mystery model. Long and unjustly portrayed as the poor man's 911, the 265-hp, underrated and extremely likeable little bugger hopes to assert its manliness. Porsche's goal is to drop the false reputation, aiming for a more performance driven crowd. Although mum’s the word on whether this will actually be a new Cayman, or a variation of the sort, most all models in the Porsche lineup have been given the old once-over for this year, and don’t think they left the poor little Cayman behind. PHOTOS: See more of the Porsche Cayman