Build Your Very Own Humvee, Be More of a Man

If you’re looking to further overcompensate for lack of masculinity, look no further. You can now build your very own AM General Humvee from the ground up, sort of. For the measly price of $59,995 (drivetrain not included), you could find yourself wrench deep in this HUMVEE lovers dream ride. Leaving out mostly unnecessary ailments such as doors and/or a roof, this army-spec HUMVEE C-Series comes covered in a minimalist vinyl coating more suitable for off-roading pleasure. Exterior colors include khaki, green or sand, while the interior dash will be coated in a camo-print vinyl, which, we all know is the manliest thing ever created. When you open the doors bed sheets, you will also be greeted by high-back cloth seats and air conditioning. With options included, the first 50 manly customers can pre-order their very own $60K HUMVEE C-Series, including a 10 percent deposit, wherein the parts will be shipped to your man cave guaranteed defect-free. Then– and only then– will you be free to eat red meat and grow a mustache as you please.