Cleveland Woman Labeled "Idiot" After Using Sidewalk to Avoid Stopped School Bus

We all know the feeling, your rushing to work and lo and behold, you find yourself at the rear of a frequently stopping big yellow schoolbus. While we all know that it is illegal and downright dangerous to attempt to surpass a stopped school bus, it’s even more dangerous to do so on the exact location where said children would be walking, the sidewalk. But Cleveland ‘aint give no f*cks. Or so we hear. Caught on camera by one conscientious veteran school bus driver, the 32 year old woman in question who has been said to repeatedly avoid the stopped school bus by way of sidewalk, was handed up to the cops. The driver was not arrested, but ordered to pay $250 in court, had her license suspended for 30 days, and in even more hilarious news, had to stand on an intersection near the incident with a sign that reads, “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.” Oh Cleveland.