Top Gear Live - 5 things you may not know

Yesterday, we brought you a review of the live show version of the hugely popular Top Gear. In short, Top Gear Live needed a lot of content to keep the crowd entertained for 2.5 hours, but they managed to pull if off by intertwining banter from the three hosts - Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, stunt-tacular automotive feats and a few good old standby's (like Star in a Reasonably Priced Car). Here are a few things you may not know: 1. There are actually two parts to the live show. The there is the TG Live segment, and Grudge Match: a series of timed/lapped events that rolls out firs. That section is hosted by Tiff Needell and Vicky Butler-Henderson. Interestingly, they are two of the hosts from the competing automotive entertainment show - Fifth Gear 2. Jeremy Clarkson is too horizontally challanged (James May's words, read: too fat) to fit safely in a Caterham for the challange that Clarkson was to undertake. 3. You can play polo with motorcycles and compressed air polo mallets. 4. Your eyes can sting after too many drift segments with raw race exhaust being pumped into a closed (albeit large) space. 5. There is no way that the broad use of flames (from girls, cars and motorcycles) would have been tollerated in the US without a visable fire truck standing by and safety workers spaced every 20 feet apart. (Bonus #6) In the exhibition space near the show, there were many cars that we either do not see in the US, or do not see very often. Like a Gumpert Apollo, Koenigsegg Agera, SSC Super Aero, Aston Martin One 77, the new Citroen lineup and my personal favorite; the BAC Mono.