Marussia Zombifies London With Their New B2 Ad

You may or may not know this, but Russia’s Marussia brand has been an up-and-coming name in the "here today, gone tomorrow" supercar market. The B2,  which features 3.5L, 300-hp, mid-mounted V6, had all the right formulas to be one of the most stunning flops to date. But, thanks to the deep pockets of former Russian comedian and race car driver Nikolai Fomenko, and a newly enacted deal with Finish automaker Valmet, Marussia says that their $128K B2 sportscar will be ready by mid-2013. With that in mind, Marussia decided to get a bit weird in London in order to promote their newest creation complete with zombies and dubstep, just in time for a belated Halloween scare. We don't know if we quite understand it, but hey, its the Russians, and Russian sportscars. Who cares! PHOTOS: See more of the Marussia B2