Renault and Caterham Team Up for Sweet Alpine Sportscar Babies

We’ve been known in the past to get all hot and bothered over Renault’s Alpine A110-50 Concept race car for any number of reasons. It’s drop-dead gorgeous, it comes with 400-hp and all-wheel drive and it’s French. You know, the usual. And while we were more than happy to see the Alpine name revived in concept form in Paris, a production version of the classic rally car sounds even sexier. Now, thanks to a 50/50 partnership with legendary race car builders Caterham, Renault will be able to turn the A110-50 to production along with yet another Alpine built sports car as well. Ya know, because. Looking to put to use the spacious Dieppe Plant -home of the Renaultsport Clio- expect Caterham and Renault to put the Alpine A110-50 in production hopefully before the 50th anniversary of the classic Alpine 110 in 2020. PHOTOS: See more of the Renault A110-50 Concept