Hey Everyone- Should Tesla Build This C Concept City Car?

Don’t get me wrong folks, I’ve had more than a few words to say as to the future -or the lack thereof- for the electric vehicle. But at the same time, we love what the good folks over at Tesla and Fisker are doing. They’re intuitive, creative and have enough change in their coin purse to take on the big three. Although they’ve found some tough times opposite a water hose, the time to expand their range is now. Right now; and this C Concept  city car designed by Dejan Hristov could be the next chapter for Tesla. PHOTOS: See more of the Tesla C Concept by Dejan Hristov As the Fiat 500 and Smart ForTwo sell out like hot cakes here in the U.S., the lack of a more efficient, alternative energy city car leaves a wide open profit margin. And although we’re not completely sold on the idea of the electric vehicle as of yet, if we had to, this handsome EV might be our city car of choice. So, whaddya say Tesla?