eBay Car of the Week: Super Stock Camaro Z/28

If you spent as much time on eBay as we did, well, you'd probably have bid on a Shelby Cobra or two by now. But you'd also have seen quite a few amazing rides for sale. One of the best that we've seen is this stupidly awesome super stock Z/28 Camaro race car. The history on this car is big, and so are the bids. PHOTOS: See more Chevrolet Camaro photos Here is what the buyer has to say: "The car is Dave Sticklers 1968 Camaro Z/28 that won the 1968 Super Stock World Championship, and the man is Camaro historian and authenticity expert, Jerry MacNeish. The car has been comprehensively restored to as-raced condition, including some incredibly rare NOS items that came from Jerry's personal collection. If there is a more thoroughly documented, well-known, relevant and accurate early Camaro out there, I'd like to see it. Make no mistake: this is the ultimate Z/28 and the cornerstone of any significant Chevrolet muscle collection." It is only a fraction of the writeup on this car, that reads like a novel. There are also a plethora of photographs. Even if you don't have the ungodly sum of $459,900 to "Buy it now", you can still ogle the amazing pics. And seeing as that price has remained the same since Saturday, and no offers have been made, that price could actually come down, so good luck! Thanks to Will J. for the tip!