Setting the Record Straight: Political Claims about Fiat

We here at Bold Ride prefer to remain apolitical in this election season, and we'll be happy once its all over, so we can go back to reporting the news without  but if an automotive related story becomes a political football, we'd like to be the ones to make sure the laces are out, setting the facts straight. With that something came up last week that is at the heart of an election- misconstruing the numbers in pursuit of one's own political gain. Both sides of the isle do it, and its nothing new. But when straight-up facts are misrepresented, its our civic duty as custodians of everything automotive. So when presidential Mitt Romney opened his mouth last week, we had to step in and set the record straight. The claims being made were that President Obama approved of the plan by Chrysler to move jobs to Italy and China, basically in so few words claiming that Chrysler was outsourcing jobs. The reality of the situation was not that simple. In a fiscal move that any CEO would make, Sergio Marchionne is moving production of Jeeps that will be sold in China, to China. The jobs being moved to Italy? Those are for Chryslers being sold in Italy. When it is put like that, the moves don't sound so anti-American. They sound like the moves of a CEO who is responsive and dynamic, and isn't that who you'd like running your company rather than the financial holding firm Cerebrus? We think so. There are plenty of figures that Romney could have tossed around or manipulated, but these claims about outsourcing simply were not true. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne even came out against the claims. Many times when numbers and facts are misstated, they go un-corrected and people just accept those facts as truths. This claim was so widely covered that it could prove to be a large gaffe in Romney's campaign. What kind of impact will it really have??? We'll find out after today's election.