Hurricane Sandy Submerges 16 Fisker Karmas, Then Catch Fire

Fisker just can’t seem to catch a break. Coming off some unfortunate recalls due to fire-related issues and a boat load of bad PR, it looks like now Fisker has hit yet another speed bump– though this one was out of their hands. According to reports from Jalopnik, 16 Fisker Karmas were drowned, then set ablaze by Hurricane Sandy at a New Jersey port. Each one of these EVs comes with a $100,000+ price tag, ringing in a total of $1.5 million in damages Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. Since then, Fisker officials have released a statement on the issue: “It was reported today that several Fisker Karmas were damaged by fire at the Port of Newark after being submerged in sea water during Superstorm Sandy. We can report there were no injuries and none of the cars were being charged at the time. We have confidence in the Fisker Karma and safety is our primary concern. While we intend to find the cause as quickly as possible, storm damage has restricted access to the port. We will issues a further statement once the root cause has been determined.” Source: Jalopnik