I Am Woman: Hurricane Sandy Unleashes Fury on Unsuspecting Vehicles

As Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm aka Snooki has blown through much of east coast, it’s unfortunate to see loads of unsuspecting vehicles get a good thrashing from mother nature; like they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And while we hope most of our readers are safe and secure in the comfort of their own home (unlike this horse), we know that for some, the unfortunate bashing of your vehicle may be the inevitable. http://youtu.be/ygja1MBnWS0 So as you continue to sit cooped up in your apartment with you dog, hit the links to see how much of a bitch mother nature really is. http://youtu.be/5vBu0qSTKRA http://youtu.be/kbKrlYE8Vf8