Bugatti Veyron Super-Super-Sport to Put Out 1,600HP?!?

For a carmaker that produces a single model, perhaps none have as many "special editions" as the Bugatti Veyron. While you could call the Veyron SuperSport its own model, it still has "Veyron" in the name, so its all semantics. Nitpicking aside, the big different between the standard Veyron and the SuperSport is about 200 horsepower. That's huge, but that's nothing compared to what may be in store from the limited-run automaker. PHOTOS: See More of the Bugatti Veyron If reports from are to believed, Bugatti may be working on an even MORE powerful version of the W16 supercar. How much more power? How about another 400 horsepower…more than the SuperSport, that is. So that would mean a car that is allowed to drive on open roads with as much as 1600 horsepower. Insane. With that kind of power, the report suggests that this hypothetical super/hyper/absurd-car could get from zero to sixty in 1.8 seconds. Double insane. Still, like all rumor-mongering, this new should be taken with a large grain of salt. Source: