Proton and Honda Team Up With New Sports Car in Mind

In recent weeks, there had been some strategic partnership rumors floating around about Lotus parent DRB-Hiacom possibly dipping funds into a Japanese automaker to expand their range. Now, with word coming from a company spokesperson, it looks like the deal between Malaysia’s Hiacom and Honda is official. According to a new report coming from PaulTan, after weeks of speculation, the Malaysian and Japanese companies have officially come to terms on an agreement. With the agreement in place, Proton and Honda will work together in 'technology enhancement', new product lineup and most importantly, sharing of platforms and facilities. While Hiacom is mostly known overseas for cheap and efficient city cars, their ownership of the UK’s Lotus brand does give them a leg up in sports car development. Now in partnership with Honda, we could see the development of yet another Japanese sports car in the relatively near future.