Halloween is this Wednesday, though if you're like most people, it started last night with the first of the serious Halloween parties. For a stone cold one year old boy (Cooper), and his equally cool mom (Cory), the Halloween festivities began by becoming a duo of  internet superstars. And that was all thanks to mama's imagination, love of cars and bit of handy craftsmanship.

The costume itself, like all great designs, is based on a Step2 push car that was transformed over the course of October into a pint size DeLorean recreation. The inspiration for the idea came from a very hip red puffy vest Cory made for Cooper as part of his fall collection. Cory's husband remarked that Cooper looked a bit like Marty McFly from Back to the Future, and a light bulb went off in mama's head. Through lots of cardboard, tape, and EL lighting the most flyest baby costume ever was created.

Baby Gets all Marty McFly for Halloween

Not only is this Delorean costume  a pretty accurate recreation of the car that appeared in the 1985 movie right down to the licence plate, and the thruster thingies, it's also functional. This is very much still a push cart, which means little Cooper will be doing some serious trick or treating his Halloween. Officially making him that dude on the block way before he can even speak. Impressive. We are wondering if the Marty McFly Nikes come in baby sizes, because that would be undeniably cute cool way to complete the look.

Baby Gets all Marty McFly for Halloween

Source: Gizmodo, Photo Credit: Gizmodo via Flickr, Okay Geek

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