Aston Martin Could Shove A V12 Into Cygnet City Car

Few truly horrible ideas have ever stemmed from the conservative and concise Aston Martin group (aside from the Lagonda). Sticking with a proven fastback V12 formula, engineers have even been stereotyped by some as being a bit “lazy. If new reports are any indication though, it looks like Aston Martin engineers have completely lost their minds. Believe it or not, Aston Martin says that they could shove one of their 6.0L V12 engines into the Toyota iQ based cute and quirky Cygnet city car if there is a sufficient demand from customers. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. PHOTOS: See more of the Aston Martin Cygnet As it stands, the more-than-forgettable Cygnet comes with 1.3L engine. Its maximum output of 97-hp is a far cry from the 565-hp V12 currently available in the all new Vanquish. If Aston does greenlight the project though, it is said to be sold much like the Frankenstein monster Nissan Juke-R for an extremely high price (like, 400,000 or $644,000), in extremely low quantities -and of course- mainly for the Middle East market. Source: Autocar