Texas Enlists Hennessey To Test New TxTag High Speed Cameras...at 220 MPH

As a man obnoxiously obsessed with speed, John Hennessey -for reasons unknown- was enlisted by the state of Texas to test the all new TxTag high speed cameras on a recently opened high-speed stretch of SH-130. Brought along for the high-speed test were none other than Hennessey Performance’s very own 1,226 Cadillac VR1200 and his 707-hp Camaro HPE. With a successful run, the TxTag system managed to catch both the front and rear license plate of the coupe at around 180 mph before the Caddie topped off at a face melting 220.5 mph. Topping off the Camaro as well, they managed to reach a top speed of 203.9 mph, which they say, is the fastest Camaro ZL1 to date. Yee-haw! Check out both the VR1200 and Camaro HPE taking high speed runs below. http://youtu.be/y_0von_5SRk http://youtu.be/oaJ3w_fAdoI