Ford Racing Previews EcoBoost Mustang for SEMA

Here it is people; this is the first glimpse of Ford’s all-new EcoBoost engine in the much loved Mustang. Game Over. While reports around the interweb continue to swirl about the future of the new four-banger pony, Ford’s racing team has just given up a minimal tease at what might possibly be just that. But before you get your panties in a wad, Mustang faithful, no officials details have been leaked. This could very well be a V6 version of Ford’s EcoBoost engine or even a more efficient V8 for the future GT. Spicy. PHOTOS: See more of the Ford Mustang The one thing we do know- through the use of the EcoBoost signature black-and-blue pin striping found on the hood, a new engine is most probably the culprit in need of the teasing. So, while we’re not yet completely sold on the possibly of a 4-cylinder Mustang at SEMA, it looks like Ford could be previewing an expanded EcoBoost lineup with the Ford Mustang. Source: Mustangs Daily