Volvo Teases Race Inspired V60

Almost 20 years ago, the Volvo brand comprised a big, square chunk of the BTCC racing series with their blue and white covered 850. Their Swedish power wagon competed throughout in the early 90’s until the vehicle was phased out in 1997. But with Volvo looking to put a bit more umph back into their lineup, their newly released V60 R-Design has been previewed wearing a bit more than a factory paint job. PHOTOS: See more of the Volvo V60 R-Design Teasing just a smidget of a fender and front fascia, Volvo seems to have covered their newest wagon in a nostalgically aimed paint scheme mirroring the 850 BTCC racer. Although not necessarily confirmed by officials, we can also see wider tires and a bit of a revision to the front fascia. With the top spec R-Design sporting a 304-hp V-6, we think we could easily see the handsome V60 back on the circuit in no time at all.